Work Less PROFIT More Business Podcast

Ep. 11 - From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed! with Milena Cardinal

February 24, 2022 Diana Lidstone
Work Less PROFIT More Business Podcast
Ep. 11 - From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed! with Milena Cardinal
Show Notes

Two years ago this business owner was ready to leave her business and get a J.O.B.  My interview with real estate lawyer Milena Cardinal and how she transformed her business from overwhelmed to overjoyed!!! 

After 10 years building her law firm and working long hard hours, Milena still didn’t have the financial freedom or the time freedom she craved!!

In this final episode in the SIMPLIFY YOUR BUSINESS series, Milena & Diana will walk through the 5 Steps to Simplify your business so that you hear a real case study of how one business totally transformed! If you’re a growth minded action-taker wanting more financial & time freedom in your business, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

Diana & Milena will share some laughs as they talk about the challenges and the successes of this process!  They both admit that the transformation was not a straight line but certainly worth the investment if you want to love your business again while exploding your profits.

Milena Cardinal is the owner & founder of Cardinal Law, a legal firm specializing in real estate transactions in Ontario that are safe, paperless, and online.   Milena and her team are true puzzle solvers; solving both big & small real estate and corporate puzzles without drama.



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